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Screencaps ahoy!

I come bearing 1171 screenshots of the movie! Let me tell you that it was absolute pain for me to do as well. My wrist hurts now because of it.

This was honestly my very first attempt at doing screen capturing.

There are a total of six sub albums containing the shots. Sadly, allot of scenes in the beginning of the film weren't captured, do to how long it took me to screen as much as I have right now. Not to mention that these caps are from the DVD. Don't forget that the DVD version is fifteen minutes longer because of added in footage that was cut out from the VHS version Adding up the total original runtime of 85 min. to 100 min. So that made it more painful for me. But, I promise if I can get enough time again, I will try to get those scenes that I missed and add them.

Also, some caps have blurs because of fast movements. Another thing, the colors in the caps are dulled down, as you see in the samples above, but not enough to make them horribly useless though.

Screens here!

Hope you enjoy! You have my full permission to snag them and use them for things like icons if you want to as well.
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I love you.

More than words can fully express.
maybe i make some icons and banner with them...thank you so much....^^
Go right ahead! ^^ And your welcome! Glad to know my wrists hurting work has payed off in ways, since I mostly use the caps for reference in fanart.