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I know that this is a farely innactive community (I've been watching it for awhile), but I figure this is as good a place as any to post this.  Under the cut are sixteen icons from Windsor McCay's origional comic and four icons from Little Nemo and the dream master.  I rarely make icons.

Windsor McCay's Little Nemo Icons

NES Little Nemo and the Dream Master

Old Icon's that I either consider subpar, or are older but I'm posting them here anyway.

*sigh* I really need to try movie icons again...

They really are not that impressive.  And the are not meant to be.  If you wish to take them, go ahead.  If you wish to play with and edit them, go ahead.  Credit.  Comment.  Whatev.

NO HOTLINKING!  Egad... it's aweful...
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I know this is an old post, but considering I just came upon it, tis new to me. I like these icons. I loved this film when I was little and a friend of mine bought it for me on dvd as a surprise. Its now a comfort film. Something I put on when I feel less than fantastic. I still love this movie.

Coming across icons for this movie is a rarity. So thanks for posting. Also, they're much better than you think. (grins) Man, I still have that nintendo game. Crazy.
Is it too much trouble to ask for icons with flip, the professor, good goblins, and other characters? =)
If you can find me the screen caps, I can make icons of whatever your Nemo loving heart fancies.
they are so lovely....