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littlenemofans's Journal

Little Nemo in Slumberland: The Dream Master
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Welcome! This is a group I've set up for fans of Little Nemo. Not Finding Nemo, if you're here for that damn fish you can go die. This is for fans of the original newspaper comics (which I have yet to read, but plan to), the NES video game (which rules), and the resulting movie, which I need to see again, and any other Little Nemo related things, such as fanfics, parodies, etc.

Info on the legacy can be found here:

If you have a website or message board or other related fan thing you want me to reference, just ask.

While many have enjoyed the legacy, there are many fun facts about it to be known! Little Nemo the movie was made by Japanese animators, which you may have guessed from it's NES game relation. Some of the crew has also worked on Milo and Otis, The Fifth Element, and Time Masters.
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