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i wasnt sure if people still visited this place, but i hope they do.
i was struck by a bolt of inspiration to draw some fanart and i just wanted to share.
[warning:mature language]

it was really fun to do these. hope to do some more soon.
keep living, kids.
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Slumberland Beatdown FTW seriously

Loved this. Totally trippy.
I still visit and I must say that this is some of the best Little Nemo artwork I've ever seen - thanks for including the comic strip characters!

Would you happen to have a Deviantart? I would love to see more of your work!
i dont have a deviant art (which i'm not quite sure why yet), but i do have a furaffinity. i think i've just been too lazy to move my stuff over to another site. ^_^;;;;

You know, I was thinking of just how in EVERY story something just HAS to go wrong and it's usually due to the antics of these two. So I find the second work quite hilarious.

It is also my new desktop background. Thanks!
no, thank you! *smiles and blushes* glad ya like it! i love those two so much. they just dont know any better. XP